The Yoga Warrior Crate holds inspiration for everyone – from people that are hesitant to try yoga to enthusiasts that have been doing yoga for years.

We all need to bring a little extra inspiration and creativity to our yoga practice to keep it fresh, empowering, and fun. The Yoga Warrior Crate helps you bring that extra inspiration to your yoga practice.

The Yoga Warrior Crate is a monthly subscription box that contains a variety of yoga items. Each of the monthly crates are designed around a theme for the month. Some examples of these themes are BALANCE, BEAUTY, COMPASSION, and NO FEAR. Each month, subscribers to the crate will receive unique items to help focus and empower their practice.

Yoga is an amazing workout, a way to fight depression and injuries, and a perfect way to join a community of people that care.

A new yoga sequence Monthly themed yoga item
Yoga tank Essential oil
Yoga prayer flag Mala beads
Yoga poses magnet set Fun yoga sticker
Beauty sample A meditation
Snack sample

Nicole Busenbark, developer of the Yoga Warrior Crate, explained,

“The Yoga Warrior Crate is an important project to me because I want to share yoga with others. Yoga brought me more fulfillment and freedom through movement. Each practice gave me the same inspiration and feeling of beauty and inner peace that comes from exploring nature. Yoga makes you feel great, and feeling great inspires a motivation to continue to build and succeed in yoga and life.”

Yoga Warrior Crate